Watch: GM Financial turns to artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience

Watch: GM Financial turns to artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have turned to technology to enhance the customer experience.

“One of General Motors’ core values is to ‘think customer,’” Bob Beatty, executive vice president and chief experience officer at GM Financial said during the Auto Finance Innovation Summit.

The burden on team members as call volume increased pushed GM Financial to hire more staff and increase technology usage. Nanci, GM Financial’s chatbot, has eased this burden. In the beginning of the pandemic, about 10% of customers were using the chatbot; by mid-April, 50% of customers were using Nanci.

The lender is working with Genesys, a company that sells call center technology to give Nanci a voice in the coming months.

In addition to effectively utilizing its chatbot, GM Financial had to address inequity in work-from-home environments. “Being able to meet [employees] with an empathetic posture and demonstrate true empathy, we were able to work with team members to meet that middle ground,” Beatty said. The company held virtual events such as happy hours and one-on-one meetings to keep the team members connected.

GM Financial plans to continue to invest in technology to better benefit customers and team members, Beatty added. Watch the full conversation on-demand here.

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