New middle school progressing, taking shape |

New middle school progressing, taking shape |

Next school year’s seventh and eighth graders can look forward to starting the 2021-22 academic year in a brand-new and highly innovative campus in August.

Those students and staff will be the first to use a campus built from the 2018 bond proceeds.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Foust gave a monthly update in March on the construction being done under the bond funds.

His report on the new HPMS campus on Loop 534 and Olympic Drive had photos of windows installed, new exterior panels, finishing work in the Humanities and Fine Arts wings of the building, drywall installed in the Humanities and Fine Arts areas; flooring being completed in the administration section and on the second floor; Rulon ceiling and exterior panels being completed, and the gymnasium’s wood floor installed and complete.

Foust also showed in drone footage that the turf is installed on the football field; and some crews are working on the building’s exterior where the bus lanes will be, outside the auxiliary gym.

He included the view through the interior central hall, the new front entrance, and the new Spike Shack built off the main corridor outside the cafeteria.

When a trustee asked about the new Olympic Drive being open now, Foust said there was a city ribbon-cutting for the new road last week, but it wouldn’t be open to traffic until Texas Department of Transportation can finish fixing the timing equipment for the traffic lights at Loop 534.


The 2018 Bond Issue was called and passed in the amount of $88,960,000 to provide upgrades and renovations at all campuses.

The larger new construction was planned for a new HPMS campus. The new campus replaces buildings constructed in the early 1960s on the Sidney Baker site as Tivy High School.

Foust said at the time that HPMS now has multiple detached buildings and classrooms opening to the exterior; no secured entry; outdated electrical and fire suppression systems; and traffic hazards and site restrictions on its present site.

Repair and renovation estimates for the current building, including “equal access upgrades,” were estimated at 80-85 percent of the cost to construct a new school.

The smaller part of the bond funds are being spent to replace the Tivy Agriculture facility on Spur 100.

Foust assured trustees the district can sell or lease the Sidney Baker property; and funds from that would be used to repay the bond costs.

The public vote approved the bond issue; and KISD proceeded to selection of architects and construction contractors. Ground-breaking was held Oct. 28, 2019.

Official construction delay,

ice storm

Foust asked trustees to consider an action item earlier in March 2021 to acknowledge construction delays during the recent ice storm for a week; and they now expect substantial completion of the new HPMS campus May 28.

This also pushes the final completion date of the new campus to June 18, 2021.

Site, design

The district bought approximately 35 acres of property from Schreiner University, at the intersection of Loop 534 and the newly completed Olympic Drive. The site is roughly house-shaped and the topography of the site had the ground level dropping about 35 feet from the highest to the lowest corner of the proposed building.

Architects slightly rotated the building from sitting square with the roads, and its main entrance will be on Loop 534, with two other roads for buses and football field access on Olympic Drive.

It has been designed to serve about 1,200 seventh and eighth grade students on two floors. And the campus includes a new football field and paved track.

Foust has called the interior divisions in the new HPMS “houses,” a synonym for “wings” in which kinds of activities or subjects are grouped together. Those include math, science and the arts (choir, band, orchestra and theater). Others are special education, English, social studies and reading.

Athletics are in the south wing including two gyms, locker and weight rooms, offices and other support areas.  

A central “Commons” area is the location of the cafeteria with a stage at one end, and wide “learning steps” at the other for seating as well as access to the upper floor.

The “classroom wings” on two floors are being built to include folding or “flexible” walls that allow classrooms to be opened up, to be larger; or divided to be smaller. Some pictured at a board meeting are glass panes; and Foust said opaque privacy screening is being added on the lower sections of the panels.

Construction progress,

March 2021

In Foust’s update for trustees at the March board meeting, he passed on this report from Huckabee, Inc., Architects.

He said exterior and interior window installations continue.

Exterior metal panel installation continues above the stone and brick wall sections.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation continues in the Humanities and Fine Arts “houses.” The Fine Arts wing includes an outdoor deck for students’ use.

Drywall is being installed in the Humanities and Fine Arts areas.

Flooring is being laid in the Administration area on the first floor, and on the second floor.

Foust said the new wood flooring in the gym is complete. When the March board meeting was held, the construction crews were awaiting the new bleachers to be installed there.

Bartlett Cocke, general contractors, have been providing Foust’s office with weekly progress reports including photographs of various areas of the new school.

The updates on March 5, 9, 13 and 19 included the following:

•    Area S science lab;

•    Area G “competition gym;”

•    Area M library;

•    Area G auxiliary gym and locker room;

•    Area C kitchen and cafeteria;

•    New Spike Shack, near cafeteria;

•    Area A conference area;

•    Football Field turf installation;

•    Track asphalt paving;

•    Aerial views of overall building, and of football field;

•    And exterior ground-level views of the main entrance.

By March 13, construction crews were not only working inside the building, but also on landscaping and irrigation; topsoil delivery and installation; and some exterior masonry.

In general, the main entrance of the new school is on the east side, facing Loop 534; the gym entrances are on the south end; and buses will load and unload at separate doors on the west side.

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