Institutional Learning Partnerships

Provide access of this amazing platform to students to learn about various aspects of finance.

Help transform the lives of the future! Empower them to make the right financial decisions and let their knowledge compound!

Step 1: Provide Students with Access to our Online Courses

Our online Courses have amazing features to keep students engaged, learning and reaching their goals. 

Speech to text, infographics, quizzes, certificates, discussion boards, AI Chatbot Assistant and many more features to help them achieve success. 

Step 2: Learning Institutions Benefit

Our platform will provide students will knowledge, a user friendly interface, and features designed for online courses. 

Students will benefit from learning this material and being able to apply to to the real world via our numerous applications. Students will feel they got strong value from course provided by institution. 

Step 3: Learning Institutions Benefit by providing to students

Learning Institution around the world can provide this platform to students. We can customize any of the quizzes, forums and features to fit the needs of your students and teachers! The software can be offered to the students at a 100 % markup allowing 

Premium Account

Full Access to all features!
$ 300 USD 1 Year/ Per Student
  • Access to all features
  • Ability to Customize to your needs
  • Institution can upmark price to students
  • Advanced Online Course Features
  • Speech to text, infographics, quizzes, certificates, discussion boards, AI Chatbot Assistant

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Increase Employee Benefit

Provide your employees and their families with real value. Allow them to learn about finance and use our cutting edge software to take their finances to the next level!

Invest in employee education and resources

Our online courses combined with our applications  provide a great finance foundation. This will lead to more robust decision making and understanding of fiannce, leading to a stronger overall business. 

Provide easy access for employee and family to learn about financial education

Users can gain easy access to the platform through mobile, and desktop . We also have access to a community of users to help you feel engaged and committed the journey. The hardest part of doing something is doing it yourself!

Advanced software features throughout platform to make user experience great!

Our software is built to help you apply the information from the courses, into the real world via the apps.. These software apps cover various aspects of finance, each built with key features to help provide users a great and easy to use experience! 

Our Platform Can Take You From Beginner To Advanced. Platform Includes 6 Apps + Online Courses