Have a trading idea you want coded into a strategy?

We have over 15 year exprience in business consultting arena. We have in business consultting arena and artficial intelligence.

Our team of scientist will convert your idea into an algorithmic trading robot! We will code the strategy, test it against markets, create a detailed report and also suggest improvements!

Have a trading idea you want coded into a strategy?

Hi thank you so much for your interest in working with us to create a discord chatbot.

We would like to first give you an overview of what the purpose of the bot is so you can better understand how to establish its functionality to maximize user utility.


Read Carefully & Fill out The Form:

Fill out these simple fields with information related to the strategy and a developer on our team will read the requirements and let you know of if it is possible and a quote:

Form for custom robot

1) What is the goal of the trading robot? Example: What is the logic? Trend, breakout, ranging, crossover, rejection etc.
2) What indicators does this strategy use. Please put the parameter/values for the indicator.
3) What is the entry rule for strategy? When would you like the robot to enter a trade? example: when 20 Moving average crosses over 50 buy from bottom to top,buy. When 20 MA crosses 50 MA from top to bottom, sell.
- Please state buy entry rules:
- Please State sell entry rules:
- Include pictures
4) What are buy exit rules (when should you exit a buy)?
What are sell exit rules (when to exit sell)?
– These can be specific rules or you can have them be opposite. Example: if in buy position, and sell entry is triggerred exit buy.
– include picture 5) Risk management rules? How would you like stoploss to be set? Fixed stoploss, stoploss based on ATR (dynamic stoploss based on, volatility

Custom Robot Form: