Custom Robot

Have a trading idea you want coded into a strategy?

Our team of scientist will convert your idea into an algorithmic trading robot! We will code the strategy, test it against markets, create a detailed report and also suggest improvements!

Read Carefully & Fill out The Form:

Fill out these simple fields with information related to the strategy and a developer on our team will read the requirements and let you know of if it is possible and a quote:

Form for custom robot 

1)  What is the goal of the trading robot? Example: What is the logic? Trend, breakout, ranging, crossover, rejection etc.

2) What indicators does this strategy use. Please put the parameter/values for the indicator. 

3) What is the entry rule for strategy? When would you like the robot to enter a trade? 

example: when 20 Moving average crosses over 50 buy from bottom to top,buy. When 20 MA crosses 50 MA from top to bottom, sell.

– Please state buy entry rules:

– Please State sell entry rules:

– Include pictures

4) What are buy exit rules (when should you exit a buy)?

What are sell exit rules (when to exit sell)?

– These can be specific rules or you can have them be opposite. Example: if in buy position, and sell entry is triggerred exit buy.

– include picture

5) Risk management rules? How would you like stoploss to be set? Fixed stoploss, stoploss based on ATR (dynamic stoploss based on, volatility

Custom Robot Form: