Artificial Intelligence: 5 Eye-opening Facts to Help You Understand it Better

Artificial Intelligence: 5 Eye-opening Facts to Help You Understand it Better

When we hear the word Artificial Intelligence (AI), our minds automatically create images of robots. Not all AI is in the form of robots, it can also be in the form of voice detectors, image processors, smart assistants, etc. As much as we claim to know what AI is, we don’t have a full grasp of how our lives are steadily becoming dependent on it nowadays. 

From relying on Netflix to suggest your next movie to watch, to asking Siri to play your favorite song, and using Google Map to get to your location, you’ll agree that AI makes living easier. And yeah, even as basic as using autocorrect on your device, that’s AI right there. 

Now let’s take you through 5 Eye-opening Facts about AI to Help You Understand it Better…

It’s Not Coincidence, It’s AI. Sure you’ve found yourself in a situation where for example, you searched Google or an e-commerce website for the specification of a device, clothing, etc. with the intention of maybe buying it. Then boom! All of a sudden you start seeing that product and similar ones on sponsored ads when browsing or surfing social media. It’s not a coincidence or telepathy, it’s AI! Most companies like Amazon, Jumia, have machine learning systems that are designed to recommend products to customers, especially in ways that look subliminal. AI influences businesses by determining which deals to offer and when.

What It’s Fed Is What You Get! A close example occurred last month when Facebook’s AI labeled black men as primates in a circulated newspaper video. Although the company apologized and tagged it as a glitch, here’s one thing you should know about AI. AI isn’t inherently biased. If AI does have bias, it’s because of human error. People who build AI design it to mirror themselves, AI is only as accurate as the data it is being fed. 

Why Mostly Feminine? Ever wondered why most virtual assistants’ voices like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant are feminine voices? This is because the female voice is clearer and has a higher pitch that makes it easier for users to understand. However, it should not be overlooked that some virtual assistants like Google Assistant have their male counterparts.

AI Is Older Than You Think– Maybe Older Than You. In 1950, Alan Turing, English computer scientist, cryptographer, and mathematician, created the Turing Test; a method of inquiry in artificial intelligence (AI) for determining whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human being. Alan Turing is considered the father of Artificial Intelligence. 

AI Pets Exist. Most of us frequently hear of self-driving cars but never heard of AI pets. They are robots that look, feel, and act like real animals and guess what, because of the time and resources needed to maintain real pets, AI pets are welcomed with open arms. They are expected to be widely available by 2025.

One thing you’ll observe from these five points is that Artificial Intelligence has become a way of saving time and resources. AI continues to achieve mind-blowing feats even greater than the humans who produce them, and this leaves a striking question, how soon before humans stop becoming the most intelligent creatures on earth?

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