Amid COVID-19, economic uncertainty, safe ways to help nonprofits

Amid COVID-19, economic uncertainty, safe ways to help nonprofits

Submitted by Cincinnati Cares.

Delivering what nonprofits need now is the hallmark of Cincinnati Cares, and this late summer/early fall period is no different.

“We can help you help” is more than just a slogan, based on a variety of offerings, beginning Sept. 11 and continuing through Oct. 22.

Go here to easily find out more about each of these opportunities:

● More than 300 volunteers are needed by 10 organizations for three-to-four-hour socially-distant, safe, hands-on volunteering on Sept. 11 and 12 — in memory of those who lost their lives or were injured in the terrorist attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001. Go to here.
● For those interested in taking on a nonprofit board-level volunteer opportunity but need to know more about what board service entails, sign up for our Board Bootcamp webinar on Sept. 22. Join us for this hour-long, fast-paced training featuring expert presenters on what all board members need to know. Register before 9/2 for early bird pricing! Go here.
● Once trained or if you already know you’re ready for board service, use our Oct. 21 virtual connecting event to find your perfect nonprofit board. Register now here.

Cincinnati Cares is the region’s only public-facing search-and-discover guide to more than 700 active nonprofits in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Part of the nonprofit Inspiring Service, helps connect the public to what nonprofits need now — from products and supplies to donations to ways to help through hands-on or skilled volunteering.

Using innovative technologies, Cincinnati Cares has reversed the twice-the-national-rate-of-decline in volunteering Cincinnati had been experiencing and is helping businesses modernize the way they engage employees in helping our region’s nonprofits through a skills platform. In addition, Cincinnati Cares operates the country’s first artificial intelligence-infused platform connecting volunteer leaders to nonprofit boards as a way of creating WIDER nonprofit boards — that is, welcoming, inclusive, diverse, equitable and representative. A virtual event series launched Aug. 12 and will continue to activate skilled volunteers all across the region.

For more information, contact: Doug Bolton, CEO, Cincinnati Cares,, 513-910-2584.

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