Help your clients on their new home journey! Build long-term client trust!

Realtor Partnership

In today’s competitive market it is extremely important to provide value to your clients and help them on one of the most important financial decisions of their life! Our platform will allow you to educate your clients and in turn built trust and long term clients that will return for future transactions! 

Provide clients with Real Estate Course!

Home buyers are always concerned about the transactions and looking to learn more. Our platform consist of a real estate course that can empower them on this journey! It includes speech to text, quizzes, certificates and other advanced features. 


Chatbot for real estate and course questions!

Learning can be intimidating. People are often scared to ask questions at the risk of sounding dumb. To address that, we have an A.I Teaching Assistant you can chat with. 

You can ask any questions to the A.I and it will help! This will provide a comfortable environment for people to learn and ask questions!


Create Detailed Property Model Reports

Our platform makes it easy for real estate agents and also their clients to create financial models of properties. 

The user can input the information and it will calculate and create a professional detailed financial model report. Allowing you to provide key information to all stakeholders! 

Property Management Software

Our platform also consist of software to assist with property management. It provides an easy to understand platform to track rental properties, tenants, income/expenses, maintenance request. 

This will allow yourself or your client to more efficiently manage their investment portfolio and also identify the various aspects of managing rentals for learning!

Steps to help your clients:

Step 1: Meet Clients or potential Clients. Provide them coupon for free 2 month access!

This will provide a good lead generation method for clients. Every week people meet new real estate agents, who often want to gain their business. Stand out from the crowd by providing them access to this education and financial software platform for free. You will provide a coupon code specific to you, allowing you to build their trust and future business opportunities!

Step 2: Client uses platform, learns and trust you for business

Our platform will provide students will knowledge, a user friendly interface, and features designed for online courses. 

Students will benefit from learning this material and being able to apply to to the real world via our numerous applications. Students will feel they got strong value from course provided by institution. 

Step 3: Receive the benefits of investing in your clients!

Through utilizing these innovative marketing techniques you have the ability to gain clients trust and provide long term value. They will recognize you as their trusted real estate professional, who cares about their knowledge and financial future!

Invest in your clients future! It will pay long term dividends!

Premium Account

Full Access to all features!
$ 25 USD 2 Month Free Access! Then option to subscribe!
  • Access to Real Estate Course
  • Access to Financial Modelling App
  • Access to Property Management App
  • Access to all other features of website

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